Heavy Duty Hollow Drills 
                  All Brands!
We have been manufacturing Hollow Paper Drills for over 30 years. We manufacture Paper drills for all machines: Challenge, Lawson, HFD, Baum, Nygren-Dahly, Seybold, Pioneer, Iram, Sterling, Lihit, Imperial, and Hang.  You can buy the products directly from us!
                    Lawson                    Hang & Corta
                     Challenge            Martin Yale Lihit Imperial       
                        Pioneer                              Spinnit
                    Nygren                              Iram
                        Seybold                             Bielomatik
                     Other Products:

Hand Drill Sharpeners

Coating   Drill Blocks
                                                For Maximum Performance
1. Seat drills up past the drive pin and up against the shoulder. Keep the inside of the spindle clean with a small toothbrush and solvent, paying particular attention to the drive pin.

2. Most drill breakage is caused by operating dull and/or unseated drills which will ram into the wood block. Be sure to remove slugs and sharpen  drills after every shift change.

3. Keep drills sharp and clean. Heavy duty carbide sharpening reamer available - designed to produce a razor sharp edge.

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